Why flavoured salt?

Salt is a crystalline mineral containing two elements, sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl), and it is widely used in all sorts of food preparation. There are so many types of salts to choose from: table salts, Himalayan pink salt, sea salt, kosher salt and many more. They all differ in taste, texture, colour, mineral and sodium content, because they have been harvested from different places. For example, sea salt is harvested using the evaporation method from sea water, whilst other salts are extracted from mines.

There are lots of recipes showing how to make flavoured salts, but not many of them outline the benefits of using them. We have put together a summary of some of these:

Cardamom salt will give you a citrus, mint and spice flavour to your dish, but it is said to help boost your digestive health.

Ginger salt will give a pungent, zesty, citrus aroma to a dish. It will make meat softer and can pickle the brine. It is also said to help with weight loss, help to prevent nausea and lower blood sugars.

Turmeric salt will give your dish a bitter, pungent flavour. Turmeric is said to contain anti-cancer vessels and can also help with skin conditions.

Thyme salt will add minty, sweet, floral notes to your dish. Thyme is said to have relaxation properties and help relax veins and lower blood pressure. Popular discussions also attribute, thyme for improving for being good for digestive system and mood boosting abilities.

Our sea salts are infused with high quality ingredients, creating eye catching, colourful crystalised salts. Our range is unique and includes a wide variety of ingredients such as: rose petals, blood orange, spearmint, lime, pomegranate and many more. The range includes both Organic & conventional products and full details can be provided on request.

Doctors say that consuming large quantities of salt will increase blood pressure. Salt grinders help keep the product inside fresh, but also allow you to mill and pour the right amount of your favourite flavoured salt into a dish or as a garnish on something like a salad. Mills will decorate not only your kitchen but the table too. Mills can be packed as a mixed flavour gift set, making the perfect gift for even the pickiest person!

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