Why Bay Leaves- ?

Why Bay Leaves- ?

A bay leaf is a fragrant leaf from a laurel tree that is used as an herb. Bay leaves are available whole, fresh, dried, or ground into a powder. The bay scent is slightly bitter and has a pungent flavour.

Two main types of bay leaves used in the kitchens are Turkish bay leaves and Californian bay leaves. The Turkish variety is mainly common because of its gentle flavour in comparison to Californian, which has more potency and slightly mint flavour. Mainly Turkish bay leaves are sold dried and Californian are sold fresh; so, people prefer to use Turkish type for their dishes, because that fresh bay leaves might overpower the flavour.

Why cook by adding bay leaves?

Bay leaves do not soften whilst cooking, so they are widely used to simmer the sauces and in slow- cooked recipes, soups, stews, and even for pickling. Before serving the dish, the leaves are removed to avoid unpleasantly hard chewing on it. Also, bay leaves add natural flavour, and they do not contain any calories or fats. Besides ground bay leaves contain small amounts of vitamins: A, C, and B6, as well as iron, calcium, and manganese.

Do not forget to store them properly. Fresh bay leaves can be put into zip- top bags and kept in the fridge; whilst the dried bay leaves can be stored in a dark dry place or the freezer in a sealed container for up to two years.

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