The reason to support Veganuary

As Veganuary rises as a trend, more and more people are joining to become vegans for a month or even longer. Some people are influenced by social media and celebrities, some people are simply looking to try something new, changing their lifestyles and beliefs. There is a number of reasons to become a vegan: saving animals, losing a pound or two, cleaning a body of toxins and improving your health.

Did you know that becoming vegan can boost your health?

Large scale study found that reducing meat intake and increasing plant-based food is beneficial for the heart health. Animal products such as meat, cheese and butter contain high level of cholesterol which increase heart disease. Also, changing smoked and red meat diet into plant-based food helps to reduce cancer risk.

People who adopt vegan dietary tend to reduce the development of diabetes, because they have lower sugar levels. Nevertheless, plant-based diet helps to lose weight; many animal-based food are high in fat and calories that take longer to burn in comparison with plant based fats and calories. So, Veganuary is supporting not just animals and environment but your health too.

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So, where to start to eat healthier?

  1. Exchange cow’s milk for coconut milk. It is lactose- free so can be used as milk substitute by people who have lactose intolerance or are on vegan diet.  It can be a great base for smoothies, milkshakes and dairy alternative in baking.
  2. Change your snacking habits, choose dried fruits and nuts for snacks between meals.

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