Speciality Coconut Range

Edible Solutions hold stock of a range of Speciality Coconut products – Coconut Chips, Smiles, Slices and Sweetened Twine – produced by Silvermills Group of Sri Lanka.

Raw & toasted chips have a distinctive texture, consistency & thickness which make them the preferred choice for cereal & snack bar manufacturers. Our producers carry out hourly product testing to ensure that the physical, chemical and microbiological parameters are within the product specifications.

There is continuous innovation at the factory which develops products such as coconut smiles and slices, both raw and toasted. Coconut smiles have a Testa or brown pairing which distinguishes it from the coconut slices. Being natural, the above mentioned products do not contain any additives.

We stock other coconut products for snacking, including our range of flavoured toasted chip coconut. We currently have in stock the following flavours:
– Chilli lime, Cane sugar & Tamarind
These flavours can be customised subject to certain conditions.

Bakeries and cake makers love our sweetened coconut twine product. It can be used as topping for cakes and also be packed down for retail and sold for home baking.