Sesame Seeds Market Report

Here is an overview of Sesame Seeds crop update from selected origins :


Normal Sesame crop : 300-350,000 Mts (last 10 year average)

Sesame crop in last 2 years : 225,000 and 200,000 Mt respectively (Main reason in both cases weather anomalies, late rains and damage)

Expected 2021 Crop : 150,000 Mts

India needs around 100-125,000 Mts just for its own consumption and Exports need for October to May (8 months) – 200-240,000 Mts.

Out of 340,000 Mts requirements, we have only 150,000 Mts new crop and around 30-50,000 Mts carryover.


Less sowing due to low price, and overall less crop expected. Negligible carryover stock. Many pending orders to Japan. 


Similar crop size.


Lower crop size due to better alternatives. Good business of old Carryover stocks for Whitish recently into Turkey. Overall new crop will have more reddish than whitish crop.


Less than 50% crop due to civil war and political issues

Overall, Sesame prices are expected to remain bullish throughout Q4 2021 and Q1 2022