Sesame Seeds Market Report

Indian Sesame seeds market is stable. Overall prices should remain range-bound and we do not expect any major increase or drop in next 2-3 weeks. Unseasonal rains may change the scenario if crops are damaged. Some parts of Gujarat saw rains and hail storms in the last week. 

Old Crop Supply :

India : Old crop stocks are low, and arrivals are negligible due to Covid. Labour shortage and fear of travel, will further put pressure on Supply.

West Africa : Low stocks, good demand from China as well as Turkey, Middle East.

East Africa : Some stocks, but slow shipments and high prices.

New Crops :

Gujarat : Expected to be around 100,000 Mt. Again this month is crucial for the crop as weather plays a big role because Sesame plant is very delicate and easily affected with high winds and rains.

Demand :

Usually with the new crops, also comes new demand especially from Far-east countries like China, S Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Trend :

We expect a stable market. Only if there are rains or similar weather effects during harvest which damages the crop, we can expect a sharp increase in prices.