Sesame Seeds Market Report – 14th December 2020

Indian Sesame Seeds exports to the European Union (including the UK, which is still a part of it) continues to be suspended due to the presence of ETO and 2 Chloromethanol. Some leading Indian shippers have taken care to have their product tested in India prior to shipment before the suspension came into effect around 20 October, 2020.

However, after these shipments arrived in Europe, they were further tested by EU labs but were found to have significantly varied results with the EU limit of 0.05 mg/kg breached in most cases. This had to do with the testing method that was being used in India for Sesame Seeds as opposed to, what the Indian side claimed, was the method being employed by EU labs which was for testing a large number of pesticides in spices and which did not have validation for sesame seeds.

We have been informed that the matter is being resolved by both sides. However, in the meantime, Indian sesame seeds is temporarily not available in the UK or EU markets.

We do have sesame from Nigeria stepping in to fill the gap. We can currently offer, subject to final confirmation, prices at around $ 1875 per mt C&F for March and April shipments.

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