Sesame Prices Very Firm

Prices of Hulled Sesame Seeds from both India and Pakistan are very firm due to serious short crop in India.  Here is a report from our supplier:

Sesame price trend has been extremely bullish due to lower crop size in India. Please find report from IOPEPC :

Sesame Crop Estimate in IOPEPC Annual Trade Meet

37580 MT: Gujarat

39937 MT: Rajasthan

22540 MT: M. P.

41654 MT: U. P.

36206 MT: Other States

1,77,236 MT: Total Current Year

4,18,165 MT: Last Year

less by 58.5% than last year

Current crop Estimate as per our market research : around 200-250,000 Mts.

We offer Sesame from both India and Pakistan. Please enquire for spot ex UK as well as shipment prices.