Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds

We are pleased to offer our current Price List of Hulled Sesame and now including Pumpkin Seeds (various types) and Sunflower Seeds (Bakery Grade). Pumpkin Seeds prices are at a historical low. The prices offered are for current 2017 crop and, with the new crop looming later this month, prices will remain at these levels for some time. Our Pumpkin Seeds are all Heat Treated. Packing is in 40 x 25 kg bags/pallet. We would be interested in talking to customers looking at volume contracts and our offered prices reflect the discounts offered to such customers. The seeds are of Chinese origin.

Sesame Seeds continue to be in a volatile state. Indian sesame seeds prices came off slightly when the new crop came out but due to heavy buying interest from far east and a lesser than normal crop size, the market rebounded. We offer an alternative supply origin from Pakistan. The processor has GFSI accreditation. Once again, volume discounts have been reflected in the Price List. We will, in due course also offer steam sterilised or heat treated sesame seeds. Sunflower seeds are very cheap and are of Bulgarian origin. No volume discounts are offered.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries.