Pick & Mix Snack Products

We are pleased to offer you our range of healthy pick and mix type snack products.

Our range comprises Coconut and Nut products – Gluten Free and suitable for Vegans.

The Coconut snacks are crunchy and come with and without flavouring. They can either be eaten on their ownsprinkled on yoghurt or cereal in order to add a bit of crunch or even perhaps a bit of spice. The Tamarind Chips offer a tangy sweetness while the Chiili Lime can be somewhat daunting for mild pallets. For the less adventurous there are the unsweetened Raw and Toasted Chips and the Toasted Coconut Smiles. The Coconut Sweet Twine can be had as a garnishing on a cake or pudding or simply on its own, as a sugary snack.

Our offerings of Nuts are mostly in their Natural form with nothing added. We do, however, offer some amazing in-shell pistachios from California which are roasted and salted. We also offer Californian Walnut Halves, Cashewnuts and Almonds – all in their natural form.

Our products are packed in boxes ranging from net weights of 4.54 kg (for the speciality coconut products) up to 22.68 kg (for the almonds and Cashews). Packaging is only so far as to preserve the integrity and safety of the product..

Our Price List and some Product Pictures are attached. If you need more product information or would like to place an order, please email us as per details below.

We are a company accredited to BRC (Agents & Brokers).