Market Report Sesame Seeds – July 2020

10th July 2020

Overall Sesame seeds market has been stable, due to low supply and lesser demand. Of course there is minimal chances of increase in supply, as next harvest would be in September – October.

Demand – Chinese port stocks dropped a bit due to better demand than arrivals. S Korea is mulling when to plan the next tender – around 8-10,000 mts. Rest of the countries are buying hand-to-mouth as consumption patterns are still uncertain due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Supply – Early sowing figures show Indian farmers are inclined towards Groundnuts sowing as rains have been and are expected to remain good this monsoon. Sesame as we know is a dry crop and too much rains is not favourable. We still expect a better than last year crop, but too early to comment on exact figures.

Trend : Stable to Bullish (+$100 -$50)