Market Report 18th August 2020

Desiccated Coconut

Indonesian desiccated coconut prices have moved up again under the pressure of a firmer local coconut oil market. September shipment now sold out and October already getting tight as well.

Price indications for full container shipments (40 ft.) are US$ 2075 for DC Fine and US$ 2125 for DC Medium. Shipments in Q4.

Philippine producers are slowly catching up on their delays. Current delay on shipments is between 4 to 6 weeks. Producers still have to deal with a reduction in capacity due to limitation and stringent measures set by the community health authorities.

Most packers sold out through November.

Price indications for full container shipments (40 ft.) are US$ 2285 for DC Fine and US$ 2300 for DC Medium. Shipments in Nov & Dec

Sri Lanka has firmed up again! Raw material prices continue to move up. Availability of raw nuts is surprisingly low for the time of year.

Price indications for full container shipments from Sri Lanka are in excess of US$ 2600 . Edible Solutions do not offer DC from this origin.

All prices quoted above are indications only and must not be construed as firm offers. The basis of these price indications are per metric ton, C&F Main European ports. Please contact us for firm offers.

Trend : Firm

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds prices have been stable with no major bullish or bearish trend until we have more clarity on crop size and more importantly Weather patterns in the next 3-4 weeks. It has been continuously raining in most parts of Gujarat, which might affect the crop a little. But, any rains in September first half could have devastating effect.

Demand – S Korean tender (9800 Mts) was awarded last week; major supplier is India again. Prices were lower than current market, owing to bearish sentiments and new crop speculations. Other markets demand is steadily getting back to normal. Chinese demand is also expected to increase due to the Autumn festival in September.

Supply – Rains have already affected the Chinese sesame crop and may create issues in India crop if weather doesn’t change soon. Harvest should start from September mid onwards until October mid in different parts of India.

Trend : Stable (+/ -$50) (Bullish – only if rains spoil crops)

Edible Solutions offer product from GFSI accredited processors in India and Nigeria. Please enquire.