Indian Sesame continues firmness despite new crop

Indian Sesame Seed prices have remained firm even though the new crop season is here.

Normally we expect prices to drop in the first half of October. However, due to unseasonal rains there has been damage to some of the crop and thus prices have increased instead of dropping slowly.

Moreover, rain has been forecast in the growing areas in coming weeks. If it rains, we may see price jump and more damage to crop, which might prompt buyer’s to start buying thereby leading to further increases.

On the other hand, if the weather remains good, we may see some drop when raw material arrivals start in mid October.

Current crop estimates : 300-350,000 Mts.

Here at Edible Solutions, we offer Sesame out of two origins – India and Pakistan. The Pakistan crop, though much smaller than India’s, is good and prices have softened. The first arrivals into the UK have happened. Please contact us for more information.