Desiccated Coconut Market – 9th November 2020

DC Prices from both major origins – Indonesia and Philippines – remain firm.

Typhoon Goni, known in the Philippines as Super Typhoon Rolly, has left the Philippine West Sea last Monday leaving an un-accounted number of casualties, damage to properties, livelihood, agriculture, etc. Lots of area are deep in flood waters, there are also places that suffered from storm surge while other areas were buried in mud and lahar.

Six (6) days ago these areas were just hit by Typhoon Quinta (Molave) and then again Rolly have lost electricity, homes were left destroyed, and millions of people were misplaced. The Philippine government is still doing the aftermath of typhoon damages to many areas in the Philippines.
Any damage to coconut trees is uncertain at the moment.

Prices in Indonesia moved up further since last Friday. This is partly due to the news from the Philippines but there are also other factors at play. Freight costs have increased partly due to increased demand for freight due to the post Covid 19 opening up in China and the far east. Weakening of the US Dollar to local currency has also made their exports dearer.
Today, we can offer you – strictly subject final confirmation of sellers – as follows:-
Indonesian desiccated coconut high fat from FSSC22000 mill in full 40ft container loads of approx. 1,000 bags of 25 kilo net each:
– Fine grade – USD 2300.-
– Medium grade – USD 2350

Per metric ton, C&F Main European Ports

Philippine desiccated coconut high fat from BRC-mill in full 40ft container loads of approx. 1,000 bags of 25 kg net each:
– Medium grade – USD 2400.

– Per metric ton, C&F Main European Port excluding UK Ports