Dates- natural substitute for sugar

Dates- they are not the most beautiful fruit; they have wrinkles and are an odd shape which is not very attractive. But looks aside, their sweet flavour makes them delicious. They are harvested from date palm trees, which can grow up to 23 meters tall and usually grow in warm countries located in Middle East, Northern Africa, and South Asia. Did you know that dates contain high levels of sugar, and they are at their sweetest when the fruit is fully dried? This is why dates are used a lot in the kitchen, as a natural substitute for sugar.

The range we offer are ingredient dates:

Pitted dates are light brown in colour, have a sweet aroma and taste of a date.They are without the pits and are incredibly sweet so they can be used straight away for snacking or baking and smoothie making.

Diced (Chopped) Dates pass through macerator X-ray scanning and laser sorting ensuring removal of any remaining pits/fragments in this process.

They are chopped into cubes and lightly covered in rice flour. Chopped dates are ready to mix with other ingredients and a great companion to porridges. It is also a great option for businesses who are preparing snacks and cereals.

Date Syrup is a very unique natural sweetener. Because dates contain very little to no juice, you have to add water in order to strain the nectar from dates. The syrup is made whilst heating the dates in the water, blending and putting the mixture through the filter to separate pits and lastly evaporating the water out. Finally, you have a syrup full of vitamins & minerals which you can use to sweeten your drinks, porridges and add to baking recipes.

Date Paste is made similarly to date syrup except you do not need to go through such a long process. It is made in a blender with a drop of water. The blended mixture is called date paste; easy as that! Natural Date Paste is used not only to manufacture energy bars & balls and baking desserts but also a perfect natural sugar substitute for oatmeal, toast, and even smoothies.

Date Sugar is 100% natural powder (also available in granular form) made from dates. 100% natural makes it ideal alternative for artificial Sugar. This new product and the idea of natural sugar makes it very popular, especially among people who are looking to start healthier lifestyle.

Now that you know enough about dates, it is time to start adding them to your recipes.

Do not forget to store date products correctly in a cool, dark and dry place.

One of my favourite recipes to try:  chocolate and date raw brownies  Enjoy!