Corona Virus (COVID-19) – ESL Policy


17th March 2020

Edible Solutions is committed to implementing all of UK Government/ NHS Guidance for reducing the risk of contamination and spread of COVID-19 virus among staff, associates, supply chain and facilitators.

All our employees work from their respective homes and do not come in contact with each other on a day to day basis. All our meetings are mostly held on digital conferencing platforms such as Skype and Skype for Business. In the event that we do conduct face to face meetings, we enquire after the health of each of the participants, members of their family and other people they may have come in contact with, and their recent travel. In case, they have travelled to any high risk areas, where incidences of the illness from this virus have been reported to being high, the participant(s) are advised to self-isolate and not appear at the meeting in person. They may, instead, take part vis a digital conferencing platform.

We have asked our facilitators such as third party warehouse and freight forwarders about their awareness of official Government guidance for the mitigation of risk of spread of infection and whether they are implementing these. We have also asked them to notify us immediately in the event of any person connected to them who may have contracted the disease and to confirm the action that they have taken in line with the official guidance.

We are reviewing government guidelines on a daily basis and will follow government recommendations. We will work towards keeping our staff and our customers safe.