Coconuts helping people to become more environmentally friendly

In this time of increasing consumer awareness of all things environmentally friendly, it is really interesting to see the innovation springing up in all areas of numerous industries. But for us, particularly the food industry (with a special interest in coconuts, obviously!) and the associated processes such as transportation & distribution.

A company based in Amsterdam CocoPallet are using coconut husk waste from coconut plantations and pressing them to make pallets. The potential here is huge, they are using a by-product that is otherwise left behind as rubbish. With the added bonus of allowing the farmers to obtain some additional income by selling on the husk. As a whole, the idea could have the potential to save trees on a huge scale and stop them being chopped down to make wooden pallets for all industries.

The company found that coconut husk contains a naturally occurring binding agent. Meaning there is no need to use synthetic glue products in the process. However, there is a fine balance of temperature, pressure and other factors required in the process to ensure that they don’t fall apart or become too stuck together meaning they don’t release from the press.

It seems the coconut is a very versatile product, with the husk also being used to make coconut husk bricks for animal bedding, door mats, brushes, bedding/mattresses and even plastic free kitchen scourers!

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