Coconut Milk & Coconut Cream

Edible solutions’ offer an ideal solution for additive free pure coconut milk and coconut cream for use in industry. Coconut milk and cream are used in the preparation of sauces and ready meals to give them the flavour of coconut.

Our coconut milk is packed in 20 kg aseptic bags. It does not contain any additives as the product is pasteurised in sterile bags. In contrast, any coconut milk brands which are sold in cans (and also some in Tetrapacks) must necessarily have a stabilizer. This could be carrageenan or guar gum. Also some of the really cheap brands sold in some supermarkets have very low coconut fat content.

Our coconut milk contains 17% coconut and 83% water and the coconut cream contains 24% fat and the rest water. In contrast some cheaper canned coconut milk would have much lower coconut fat and more of the fillers like guar gum and even sugar. We source our coconut milk and cream from ethically sound factories in Indonesia who follow good manufacturing practices.

Some of our customers also use these products in the production of desserts including ice cream – particularly for products in the rapidly growing vegan & plant-based sector. Moonji are a great example of a plant based company using coconut milk in their products. They are a plant-based ice cream brand inspired by Ayurveda. Their natural ice cream is made from a coconut milk & oat cream base that is free of all 14 major allergens, refined sugar free & additive and preservative free. Currently being stocked in various locations, including London’s top vegan restaurant – Farmacy.

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Photo credit: Abilasha Bhohi – Moonji