About us

  • We are a United Kingdom based importer, stock holder and supplier of food ingredients to industry, including but not limited to, bakeries, food service companies, wholesalers and re-packers, ready meals manufacturers & flavourers.
  • We like to work closely with our customers, on the one hand and our suppliers, on the other, to achieve the optimal outcome in the supply chain.
  • Our product sourcing strengths are first and foremost in coconut products. Coconut is a very versatile product, with Coconut meat, milk and oil being rich in a variety of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds.
  • We source from Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and also offer some added value products from the UK. We deal in the basic ingredients side of coconut (e.g. Desiccated, flour, chips) but we can also offer products for the retail snack industry, as well as for wet products producers such as sauce manufacturers. We are able to offer creamed coconut and coconut milk but can complement this with nut pastes (cashew nut, hazelnut) and fruit paste (dates etc.).
  • To compliment the coconut products, we also offer a range of dried fruits and nuts. As well as specialised ground and whole spices for flavouring companies and food manufacturers.
  • As a company we are fully aware of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards and offer products which are sourced from factories which comply with food safety practices.
  • Edible Solutions Limited are currently in the process of working towards their British Retail Consortium (BRC) Agents & Brokers accreditation.
  • The Edible Solutions Limited logo has the words “Adding Value” next to a basic agricultural produce (eg. A plant). This signifies that the company deals not only in basic commodities but also value addition. We are thus able to offer a diversified range from the basic products such as coconut milk, flavoured coconut, nibbed and processed nuts, ground and milled spices etc.