About us

We are a United Kingdom based company involved in the Food Ingredients business as Marketing Agents, Brokers and as a Business Development Consultancy.

The company represents a select group of primary producers, distributors and traders globally and brings them in touch with the marketplace by means of personalised communication and service. Most of our suppliers conform to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The company’s ethos is to provide high quality products from reliable suppliers to customers who are involved in further processing, manufacturing, packing and distribution. It is our aim to keep our customers apprised about the markets so that they are able to take informed decisions on covering their requirements.

We offer competitive solutions to product sourcing by offering products at market prices. We offer full container loads directly from our Principals to our customers. For customers who would like to have smaller quantities spaced out over a period of time, we hold stocks in the UK which can be called off based on the spot price of the day or contracted for future deliveries.

We also value end users contacting us with specific enquiries or requiring solutions to issues like sourcing of specific products, packaging or even processing equipment.